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If you have ever dreamed of living in a treehouse, high up in the treetops, a living-room treehouse holiday is for you.

We have six Treehouses, each as unique as the trees in which they are built. They are nestled in a hidden valley, in the heart of the Welsh mountains ... close to the sea and to the end of the hippy trail.


Built with care, to blend seamlessly with the beautiful woodlands - a world away from the pressures of modern life.


Cosy wood-burning stoves, lush interiors, fast flowing streams, wobbly bridges, whirling red kites, breathtaking walks and your own gorgeous tree-top home ...

We felt like we were inhabiting a unique artistic creation

The Guardian

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treehouse wales

One of the top 52 weekends in the World


This treehouse has been so beautifully designed, and is so sensitive to the surrounding landscape, it has virtually become part of it. What a beautiful piece of architecture. Brilliant.

George Clark

George's Amazing Spaces


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