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Booking your magical treehouse  holiday couldn't be easier.
You can book using a pre-paid experience voucher, if you have one, or using a credit or debit card.
If paying using a card, 2-night treehouse holidays cost
£399 for two
£439 for a family
Your treehouse can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 2 children...

if you have a 3rd child we can make up a day bed

Booking your Treehouse Holiday


1. Click on the "Choose a date" button (below).

2. Choose a date! Those in green are available. All stays are for 2-nights (or 3-nights if you arrive on a Sunday).

3. Click on your date, and fill in your details.

4. Pay by card (prices above) or by voucher (you will need your voucher codes).

5. You're done! You will receive an email confirming your booking, and lots of information about your stay

If you don't receive your confirmation within an hour - please call us!

You can arrive on Sunday, Wednesday or Friday for a two night stay -  although if you arrive on selected Sundays we offer an extra night, free!


Generally we offer two night stays but, if you would like to extend your stay, you can book consecutive two night stays.


We tend to get fully booked quite a long way ahead - and this is a great time to book for Autumn 2024. a magical time of year.


The Perfect gift ...


The most memorable present ever! Treehouse Holiday Vouchers...

Lovely to give as a gift, and valid for any available stay in the next 3 years!! They cost £379 (couples) and £399 (families) and come with a pretty brochure. Click here to Book!

Bring plenty of outdoorsy clothes and boots – Treehouse is in an unspoilt landscape, perfect for walking and exploring.


This is a self catering holiday, and you will probably love your treehouse so much that you won't want to leave

... bring enough food and drink for your stay.


Linen is supplied, but you should bring your own bath towels.


So ... pack light and live large at treehouse ...

Clothes, food, towels and a thirst for adventure

.... that's about it.


We look forward to seeing you in Wales, and to a wonderful Treehouse Holiday

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